The felting needle plays an important part in the manufacturing of non-woven products. Choosing the right type of needle is crucial to achieve the desired properties of the non-woven product. The right needle needs a working blade in the appropriate gauge as well as an optimum design and precise location of the barbs.

In 2008 KOPTEX acquired the felting needle unit of Famid, which had been privatised after the admission of Poland into the European Union. Famid had manufactured felting needles for over 35 years, making it a very important helper for the start-up KOPTEX Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.). Both the manufacturing and sales departments of the new KOPTEX Company are headquartered in Lodz.

Necessary investments in manufacturing, quality control and staff were implemented with West European know-how. Currently KOPTEX can manufacture felting needles covering a broad range of applications, e.g., for the needling of recycled and natural fibres, felt floor coverings, geotextiles, filters, blankets, shoulder pads, fibreglass and ceramic insulation materials, felt for the automotive industry, decorative felt, hygienic products, synthetic leather, etc.

KOPTEX experts are committed to finding a custom-tailored solution for your particular non-woven applications. KOPTEX is the alternative to the existing felting needles manufacturers and, given its size, is able to respond quickly. The range of needles is continually expanding. KOPTEX values a close and trustful cooperation with its customers in order to provide the best product advice possible.

With the newly instituted quality control system, the KOPTEX mission is to offer a constant and reproducible quality for a reasonable price. Therefore, throughout the entire manufacturing process, the quality is controlled by measuring microscopes, gauges, and profile projectors. Any deviations from the KOPTEX tolerance will be corrected instantly as per our motto: only quality wins.


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